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Wanna be ADM???

Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:49 pm by HeineK3N


{mF} Wants Your help
Our Clan is just starting, and we need your help to put our Server Online
If you want to help us:
Send money only by Pay
You'll get a Level 2 Admin in our Server
Just Send an E-mail with your Payment N°.

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Clan Rules

|{(<-MeMbErS->)}|1- Always use Clan TAG on Our Server (Server not Yet on-line)2- ALWAYS Report Cheat usage or Suspect Cheat Usage To ADMS! If you dont report, or say that there was no cheater, if someone else report with proof, You will get a Warning!(With 5 Warnings!, YOU'RE OUT OF THE CLAN!)|{(<-TeSt MeMbErS->)}|1- Always use Test TAG on our server.2- Play on our server for at least 12 hours a week(If you have problems that makes it impossible, we'll patiently understand you)|{(<-AdMiNs->)}|1- ALWAYS USE CLAN TAG (On our server and oin other servers too)2- DON'T ABUSE OF YOUR POWER!!!(if caugh with proofs, you'll get a warning)(warning limit for ADMINS is 8, if get 3, then you'll be out of clan administration, and we'll recive 'Member' Status)3- Don't Ban Players without a good reason and a proof.4- Don't recruit players without other admins opinion.5- Subscribe the clan server payment! (Send a fraction of money to clan's growth)-~= Warnings =~-1- PunkBuster Reports Md5 Tool, Aimbot, Wallhack, Invalid CVAR, or any cheat tool usage. = 3 Warnings2- Offensive Language angainst players = 1 Warning3- Name Change withou an approval = 1 Warning4- ADMIN Name Change without request = 2 Warnings5- Invalid Usage of clan tag = 1 Warning6- Power Abuse = 1 Warning7- BAD Clan Release = 2 Warnings8- ADMIN Don't pay server subscription fraction = 2 warnings9- Voice Chat Excess Flood = 1 Warning10- Hack Relations Found = 4 Warnings11- Inactive on Clan Server = 1 Warning11.1 Inactive Time Count -> (2 weeks)12- Server Hacking = 7 Warnings13- WebSite Hacking = 7 Warnings14- No Clan Participation = 1 Warning15- No WebSite Participation = 1 WarningWarnings can be erased depending on your participationIf warnings reach negetive levels, ex.: You've got 7 warnings, then your status reached -2, so you've lost 2 points at Normal Player Status(simillar to 2 warnings as normal player)Normal Player Max Warnings = 5(Reasons for Normal Players are different)(I'll post it in another thread)Read Everything Carefully!!!Regards,HeineK3N

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